Fun in the Sun

High Falls Road
Jackson, GA


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Q: Do you offer rain checks?
A: No, we do not offer rain checks. Guests are allowed to swim in the event of rain only. Our storm policy states that in the event of thunder and lightning, everyone must evacuate the water for 20 minutes after the last strike.

Q: If I am not swimming do I still have to pay?
A: Yes, everyone entering the Water Park must pay the admission fee.

Q: Do you accept Credit cards?
A: Yes, anything but American Express. You may pay admission with a credit card.
Concession accepts cards but must run the card for a minimum of $10 and give
you the change back.

Q: Do you have an ATM?
A: No, but you may get cash back at the admissions window.

Q:  Do you have lifeguards?
A:  Yes, we have lifeguards on duty at all water features throughout the park at all times.

Q: May I drop my child off alone?
A: Yes, if they are age 10 years old and up and accompanied by someone older than 16 yrs of age.

Q:  Do you have age or height requirements for the slides?
A:  No, however we do recommend that small children wear life vests or slide with an adult. 
(Life vests are available for use at the Water Park)

Q: Are you open holidays?
A: Yes. We are open 7 days a week through the summer weather permitting.

Q: Can I bring a cooler?
A: No, you may leave a cooler in your car and go out of the park to bring in a sack lunch and drinks. Anything insulated is considered a cooler.

Q: Can I bring in outside food?
A: Yes, you may bring in a sack lunch.

Q: Can I bring in outside drinks?
A: Yes, you may bring in an unopened drink in a can or plastic bottle.

NO alcohol and NO glass bottles allowed.

Q: Can I slide in clothes other than a swimsuit?
A: Yes. You may wear anything without buttons or anything hard that
may damage the slides.

Q: Can I bring my own chair?
A: Yes, we provide lounge chairs, but you may carry in your own.